Sunday, October 5, 2008

We Are Bulletproof

ARTIST : compilation
TITLE : We Are Bulletproof Atease Vol. 1
LABEL : none
GENRE : indie
SOURCE : source tracks
PLAYTIME: 00:57:42
SIZE : 100.7MB

Track List

1. The Gadflies - Weight Of The World
( )
2. Companions In The Haze - There She Goes
( )
3. Luna Park Rescue - Paperplastic
( )
4. Dead Ringer - Where The Fuck Are My Keys?
( )
5. Harry Burgess - Hold On Forget Me
( )
6. William H. Bonney - Bigger Than Me
( )
7. Martijn Duiven - Stop Videotaping
( )
8. A Clever Name Here - X'd
( )
9. Elliott Mor - Fire Rabbit
( )
10. Steady Downhill - Open The Window
( )
11. Popular Mechanics - Voiceless Motion ( demo )
( )
12. Tandem Felix - Yooden Vranx
( )
13. Wes Scott - Lie
( )
14. Man's Small Step - The Day Has Slowly Passed
( )
15. Primm And Propeller - Daniel Day-Lewis In Boxing Vs. Terrorism
( )
16. William Cremin - Army Ants
( )

We Are Bulletproof is a compilation made entirely on site by members of, a Radiohead fan forum and released as a free internet-only download. This compilation was made by total strangers from all over the world, posters who have never met face to face, and most in fact who don't even know each other's real names. Not one phone call was made, not one introduction. Every file has been embedded in the comments with the artist's website / myspace / email because in case one or more of the songs on here sparks your interest and you'd like to find out more about the musician in question, you'll have a way of contacting them. There are the obvious comparisons to Radiohead ( and I'm sure there will be many ), but from the Beatles influenced track 'Lie' to the orchestrations of Battles that you will find in Harry Burgess' song 'Hold On Forget Me', you'll find that even though we are all fans of Radiohead, we all have our own distinct styles and voices.

We have brought this to you to show you what we can do.

We are Atease.

And we are bulletproof.


Herbal T said...

Great stuff - do you mind if I link this mix from my blog?

Herbal T

(An ateaser from YS2)

NoiseJunkie said...

Gracias por el material, excelente, ya lo subi al blog!!!!

Thanks & greenting from Mexico, excelent material!!!